It's been a while...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's been quite a while since I last blogged. I struggle with blogging in the first place, because my relationship with this online journal is a bit of a love/hate. I love the idea of be able to document and share more than just a mere status and a couple of pictures. The hate part is more of just a I-don't-have-anything-that-important-to-say. Since it has been so long however, I do have a few updates:

1. I am no longer in Greece studying abroad. 
2. I spent the last four months of my undergraduate career completing a thesis on redemption through suffering, which is, by the way, something I never believed I could do.
4. I have struggled, learned, and grown so much more in the past four years of my life than I have ever consciously been aware of. It's been incredibly positive and beautiful. Although I am currently in this awkward phase of fresh-out-of-college-where--da-heck-am-I-going, it also feels like a strange kind of magical.

Aside from desperately searching for a full-time job, I have found myself using all of the extra post-grad, no homework time to do the things that I love; building relationships with the genuine people God has put into my life and to collaborate and feed off of other artists, their ideas, their words, and their presence.

Exhibit A: 
A recent makeup shoot with my dear friend and wonderfully talented makeup artist, Kailen Hodge
(You can follow her on Instagram, and very soon, Facebook too!)

P.S. We will be doing a couple of model shoots a month. Shoot us an e-mail at if you are interested in participating as a model!